My Iron Man...Swiped!

Hey All,

It has recently come to my attention from my good friend, Mike Cho, proprietor of donheck.blogspot.com that my little Iron Man ink sketch, which can be viewed here was deliberately swiped by some one calling himself "Dimitri.Q". He submitted it to http://ironmanmovie.marvel.com/fanart/ as his own.
Now I don't know what this person hopes to gain or get away with, but I just find it quite pathetic and lazy that someone would download a low res jpeg of my sketch from my website or from the various other sites I have submitted it to in the past and claim it as his own so he could submit it to a fan art site.
On the topic of Iron Man, I just saw it the other night and I gotta say it was a killer flick. Can't wait for the sequel.

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ezcheez said...

Q. took a look at the fan art.
Yes. I have heard this to happen on the net once in a while. Despite the 'low-ness' of it all, feel a bit flattered, i guess.

Keep on keepin' on..