Digital Sleeper Painting 02

Here we have another digital painting done in Photoshop (The first one can be viewed here.). I start with a drawing, scan it, and use it as an underlay guide.
I'm still trying to get a feel for this method, which I enjoy for the time saving aspect of not having to wait for layers of oil paint to dry even though nothing beats the tactility of oil paint on canvas. There is also more room for error and general experimentation with digital painting. Although the same can be said of oil painting. I guess the madness is in the method.
Anyway, the digital painting above was based on the under-drawing viewed here which was the basis for this oil painting. In comparison, both have their subjective merits.


David said...

Everytime I come by, your work knocks me out. As ever, thank you for sharing.

Kyu Shim said...

Much appreciated, David.