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Anonymous said...

This blog sucks.

Kyu Shim said...

Thanks anonymous. Your opinion will, of course, be valued for its insight and candidness, if not its brevity. Many thanks also for dropping by three times in the course of one day and spending so much time on my site viewing a plethora of my posts. I guess you needed an overview to encapsulate such an original thought. Drop by more often. It does wonders for my ego.

Michael Cho said...

There's always one joker in the pack, isn't there? I love the incredible originality and succinctness of that comment! Anonymous, you are truly a man of letters!

Seriously, I love how guys write comments like that and then drop by over and over again to see how people react. It just goes to show how lame they really are.

A good example of this kinda crap is on my friend Ramon Perez's blog. Check out the "Merry Christmas" post of his to see what I'm talking about.

All my best, buddy!

backformore said...

Your a fucking hack.Why don't you try drwaing in your own style instead of ripping other artists off?I stumbled on this blog by accident while searching for blogs that started with the words "hack,unoriginal,loser".Your's was the first blog that came up.Hernandez says hello,fuckface.

Kyu Shim said...

Wow, that's alot better, backformore. Such colourful language. You're a clever little one aren't you? But, please, tell me what you REALLY think. Do tell. You're quite the scholarly critic. Could do with some grammar and diction lessons, though, but I guess you wrote this in the heat of the moment. I'd be interested to see some of your stuff once you have your blog up and running. backformore.blogspot.com, is it? If you need some pointers, please feel free to ask, buddy.

ps--Hi Xaime!! Longtime fan. Love your stuff.

backformore said...

Hack chink.From you're boring self portrait,I wonder if maybe the cops caught the wrong guy in the Virginia Tech shootings.You look like the guy and your drawings indicate your a faggot loser who probably will end up killing a bunch of people coz you're lonely and a loser.

Kyu Shim said...

Oh no you di'int?

Dude, that is old news and get your facts straight: the cops didn't catch the guy. He faked his suicide and is now calling himself backformore. Wha? Huh?

Buddy, you've got issues. Seek professional help. Get back on your meds. As much as I've enjoyed reading your homophobic racist diatribes, I'm going to have to cut you off.

Hugs & Kisses

Michael Cho said...

Holy Shit.

I can't believe this dirtbag actually said that.

Bacformore, on behalf of all Koreans everywhere, go fuck yourself. I'd berate you further, but unlike you, I have a life and better things to do.

backformore said...

You're comeback is as stupid as you're website hack chink.

You're drawings still suck. Draw something origiinal instead of ripping people off. You probly jerk off to you're own drawings. I'm waiting to see you on the news after you go on you're killing spree,you fucking loser chink.

backformore said...

Your a joke chink. You can't handle people posting on you're blog without you're ok. You fuckin Chicken chink.
Just like I thought your a bitch chink who can't take critisism or handle peoples oppinions of you're shitty blog.
Hack chink go kill yourself. You're drawings suck and you should go fuck your mother like that Virginia Tech guy. You're other chink friend talks about you being koreans? If your korean too that explains why you suck so much. Koreans stink!

Kyu Shim said...

Can someone give this troll a hug...and then some spelling lessons?

Kyu Shim said...

Chicken chink?
Is that anything like General Tao chicken?
Mmmm mmm.

Kyu Shim said...

You had me at hack chink.