Hero's Requiem part one

The following is an exercise in inanity. My only real concern at the time, besides trying to draw really cool pictures was to establish a sense of flow to the narrative with little or no regard for the...well, the narrative. The photoshoppy elements are the work of a novice at best, but, hey, I'm learning. I should mention that this story, if you can call it that, was executed a while back...like years ago. I'm starting an official web comic that I'll post here soon 'nuff. Like to thank Derek Kirk Kim for inspiring me on that end. I'll have some prelim character sketches up soon. I'm basing it on a story that a friend of mine wrote. Anyway, enough of that. Here's part one of Hero's Requiem. I've decided to upload these pages warts and all without any touch ups. Just click on the individual pages to get a better view. Enjoy.

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